This brochure lists the internships that are available to all students studying at the CEHS (Centro de Estudios Hispánicos de Segovia), although approval for any internship must be granted by the student’s college or university. The prescribed nature of the experience, number of hours required, and ultimately the credits conferred are also the sole responsibility of the college or university. Students should be aware that there may be other conditions, either of eligibility or process, that apply to internships, and consult with her/his advisor, and the office or department responsible for internships before filing the internship application. When the student has completed the application process, the formal request for the internship will be transferred to CEHS, which will then transmit the request to the Spanish entity in order to activate the internship.

The list of available internships is divided into broad descriptive categories, not concrete academic disciplines, although in a number of cases the academic disciplines or majors that are ideal for the specific internships are named in the brief internship descriptions. For more information, students can research the websites of the entities in which they are most interested.

Some sites require an interview before accepting a candidate for an internship. There are also sometimes limitations regarding how many students can be accepted at a particular site. Students do not receive compensation for the internships. Internships are educational experiences outside the classroom, opportunities for students to apply their academic knowledge in practical, real-world circumstances.

A designated CEHS representative will act as intermediary for the student and university with the Spanish entity. This representative should be informed by the student or university of any problems that may arise before, during and even at the conclusion of the internship in order to advocate on behalf of the student intern. Likewise, in the event the host entity has any concerns regarding the student intern, they must express them to the CEHS representative.

Finally, there is the question of volunteer opportunities. Some of the entities identified in the brochure do not require a formal procedure to take in students, especially if the situation or tasks expected are more akin to what we would more appropriately call volunteer work, however difficult the distinction. A student may, perhaps in search of further integration in local life, or for some other reason, simply prefer the non-credit, volunteer option. There are also other kinds of experiences that are hybrids, or that involve fewer hours, or form part of a personal/academic interest or project, that might require organizing interviews, observation, etc. Imagine a project involving interviewing immigrants via one or more of the self-organized immigrant organizations that exist in Segovia, or anything else that is imaginable, and therefore perhaps possible to organize—if this is more up your alley, please consult with the CEHS director who can offer advice on how to go about organizing the project and/or help you contact the people and organizations you need to carry out the project.


Grupo Ontex

This Belgian multinational company is Europe’s private label market leader in hygienic disposable products. The factory in Segovia is the largest of its kind in Europe, and an excellent placement for a student interested in the functioning of the various departments of a large company—the largest in the Province of Segovia– which employs over 300 people.

Cámara de Comercio de Segovia

In the Segovia Chamber of Commerce students will have the opportunity to discover the role of this institution in contributing to the dynamization of the local business sector. The Chamber is no longer financed with public funds, and is having to face the present and future with greater creativity, reinventing itself in the midst of Spain’s worst economic crisis in many decades. It has undertaken a number of initiatives which have garnered national attention.


This advertising, promotion and events planning company is an excellent placement for students with background and interest in Graphic Design and Events Planning. Ultimately, the kind of work performed at Agenda will depend on the student’s training, skills and intersts.

Hotel Eurostar Plaza Acueducto

This internship is ideal for the student interested in serving the public via work in the reception area of this 4-star hotel located at the foot of the Aqueduct.


Linecar Bus Company possesses the exclusive rights to the routes within the Province of Segovia, in addition to student transportation to and from area schools and discretionary transportation services. The student placed here will work at a computer terminal, contributing to the work of internet marketing and promotion of the Bus Company and its services. An understanding of information technology is imperative for this internship.

Federación Empresarial Segoviana (FES)

The FES is a private cross-sectoral organization of business people established to coordinate, represent, promote and defend business interests. FES representatives are elected in free elections. The role of FES as a social and economic interlocutor recognized by the Spanish Constitution and Castilla y Leon’s Statute of Autonomy. The FES is made up predominantly of small and middle-sized businesses which constitute the overwhelming majority of the commercial fabric of the province.
The student(s) who intern here will have a chance to spend a brief amount of time in the various departments that make up this large business organization: Jurídica, Económica y Fiscal, Innovation, Prevention of Labor Risks, Entrepreneurship, Formational School, Communication, Job Bank, Agreements of Collaboration, Insurance.

Librería Entre Libros

Entre Libros is a bookstore located on Segovia’s main street, La Calle Real. The student placed here will participate in the assorted tasks typical of a bookstore: customer service, stock and inventory work, etc. This is a small business, retail experience.


This Day-care Center cares for children from 3-months to 3 years of age. The facility, very warm and pleasant, and built for the purpose of childcare, is an excellent opportunity for the student(s) placed here to participate in all facets of the care of other people’s children.

Concejalía de Servicios Sociales, Sanidad y Consumo

This department of City Hall will be opening a Learning center (Day Care Center) for young children (0-3 years) in September 2013. This is another excellent option for students interested in working with children of this age, and the opportunity to work with Day Care professionals. (go to concejalías)

Colegio de Los Maristas (Misioneros)

This Catholic institution educates children from pre-school through High School, so the student(s) interested in assistant teaching in English Language classrooms can choose the age range in which they would like to gain experience. Students will do a great deal of teaching in this internship. The school has always enjoyed having CEHS students intern with them, and their students and our student interns have benefitted enormously from this experience.

Centro de Recepción de Visitantes de Segovia (Tourism Office)

This city agency is an excellent location for an internship for a student interested in culture and art, and enjoys contact with people. The student(s) would work as part of a team at the reception desk, learning about Segovia, and providing information about Segovia to visitors.

Concejalía de Cultura

In this department of Segovia City Hall the student will participate in the organization of the different cultural events under its auspices. (go to concejalías)

Concejalía de Servicios Sociales, Sanidad y Consumo

The social services offered through this department of Segovia City Hall covers four broad areas: Acción Social, Igualdad, Drogas and Infancia. Attention to the public is offered in Centers of Social Action in three different neighborhoods in Segovia. In addition to the areas mentioned above, there are also specific Plans in place that address the specific concerns of women and immigrants.
The student(s) who chooses to intern with this city agency will be engaged in administrative and more directly participative tasks within the various areas under its control. This opportunity is ideal for students majoring in Social Work. (go to concejalías)

Museo Esteban Vicente.

The Museo Esteban Vicente houses a permanent collection of the Works of Esteban Vicente, the only Spanish member of the New York School of American Abstract Expressionism. He was from Segovia. The museum alternates exhibitions of Esteban Vicente’s work with other temporary exhibitions of Modern Art. The student placed here will have the opportunity to be involved in the work of the different departments and tasks of a museum.

Residencia de Ancianos Hermanitas de los Pobres

This Nursing Home (Home for the Elderly) run by the Catholic order of nuns Hermanitas de los Pobres, will accept students majoring in the following areas: Nursing, Physiotherapy, Nutrition.
This is an excellent placement for students interested in the areas mentioned above, but more specifically in geriatric care.

Asociación de Padres y Protectores de Deficientes Físicos, Intelectuales y Mentales de Segovia (APADEFIM)

Established some 50 years ago by the parents of intellectually challenged children, this foundation is an excellent and large facility for student interns in the following areas: Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing and Nutrition. To intern at APADEFIM the student must make a commitment to work a minimum of 125 hours.

Purificación Bermejo

This psychologist will take in one student intern interested in the various therapies used to help children in the following areas: Hyperactivity, Behavior Modification, Improvement of Social Skills, Learning Difficulties, etc.

The headquarters of many of Spain’s NGO’s are located in Madrid, where much of the more direct work is often being done. Nevertheless, there are a fair number of national and international organizations working in Segovia, some with a very large presence, others with a more modest profile. All, of course, are providing necessary social support services.
The student interested in specific NGO ‘S is free to contact them, and make arrangements to intern or volunteer in Madrid. Other students may wish to work exclusively in Segovia, or even combine working in Madrid and Segovia. For many of these organizations acceptance as an intern or volunteer is conditional upon successfully passing an interview.

Ayuda al Intercambio y Desarrollo (AIDA)

AIDA Books and More is a non-profit bookstore selling second-hand books donated by individuals or publishing houses—and at a bargain price!! They also have a series of fair-trade (comercio justo) products from a variety of countries in which AIDA works.
All proceeds from sales goes towards AIDA’s projects in the continents in Latina America, Asia, and Africa. The atmosphere here is very relaxed, so it is a nice place to learn about the work of this organization, and interact with your Spanish work companions. Periodically, AIDA Books and More sponsors and hosts storytelling events (cuentacuentos), concerts, conferences and other interesting cultural activities. (go to AIDA Books & More)

Fraternidad Cristiana de Enfermos y Minusválidos (FRATER)

In their two-story home, a small number of wheelchair-bound, disabled individuals live on their own, with some support services. They also participate in volunteer work, some of which is done in the FRATER offices on the premises.
The student who chooses to intern or volunteer with FRATER would essentially be helping them with the kinds of physical office tasks that they are unable to perform. Past students have enjoyed the human side of this experience, as they develop a friendship with María José and/or the other people that live there, and work in the office.

Cruz Roja Española

This well known International Organization performs an enormous number of services. This provincial branch contributes locally. Interested student could help the handicapped with their leisure and free time, offer support to the elderly and/or the handicapped in their homes.

Cáritas Diocesana

As stated in its website, “Cáritas is the official organization of the Catholic Church responsable for promoting, orienting, and coordinating the charitable and social activities of the Diocese.” The breath of the areas of their social involvement is too great to list here, but our students may be interested in the work they do to offer support to the immigrant community, and to those living in poverty.