How do I apply?

In just 3 easy steps!!

Step 1:

If you are interested, but would like more information, please send an e-mail message to either of the following addresses:

You can also request more information through the

Contact Page

Step 2:

If you are ready to apply to the program, fill out the Program Application and turn it in along with the Housing Profile form and the signed Waiver/Release form. We also ask that you have one of your professors fill out the Faculty Recommendation Form (not a letter).
The Faculty Recommendation Form may be sent in later than the Program Application, but we must have it in our possession before you are formally accepted in the program and are able to move on to step 3.

Step 3:

After we have received your Program Application, Housing Profile form, Waiver/Release form and Faculty Recommendation form, CEHS will contact you via e-mail with your acceptance letter, and all the pertinent payment information you need (payment schedules, deadlines, methods, etc.).

Welcome to the program!!

From here forward, payments must be made in a timely manner. About one to two months before the program begins, we will start sending additional information: Information on your host family, and materials to help prepare you for this exciting adventure.

Scroll down to find program dates, prices, and application deadlines. Payment schedules for short-term programs are posted 3- 4 months in advance of the program start date.

School of Record (SOR)

Saint Francis College, Brooklyn, NY is the School of Record (SOR) for the Centro de Estudios Hispánicos de Segovia (CEHS). If you are an independent student participating in a CEHS program, your transcript for the coursework completed in the program will be issued by Saint Francis College. The transcript fee is included in the program price. You will be sent the transcript registration form, which you will fill out, and it will be sent on your behalf with payment by CEHS. This must be done at least one month before the start of a short-term program, and at least two months before the start of semester programs.

Please remember, program prices do not include airfare. The student is responsible for purchasing her/his airline ticket.

Program Dates (dates of arrival and departure) and Prices

Program price refers to the on-site cost of the program, and payment is made to the Centro de Estudios Hispánicos de Segovia.

Finally, CEHS program and class size is limited for the purposes of guaranteeing a study abroad experience of the highest quality. Student applications are reviewed on a first come, first serve basis, not at the program deadline after receipt of all program applications. The earlier you apply, the greater your chances of being accepted in the program.

Spring Semester, 2023:

January 18 (arrival) – April 30.
Program Price: $11,900.00.
Application Deadline: October 1, 2022.

Spring Semester, 2023 Under 90-day option (no student visa requirement):

February 1 (arrival) – April 30.
Program Price: $11,500.00.

May Program 2023:

May 2 (arrival) – May 30.
Program Price: $2,800.00 (with transcript).

Summer 1, 2023:

May 31 (arrival) – June 28.
Inquire about price.
Application Deadline: March 15, 2023.

This program is faculty-led.  Independent students from other colleges and universities are welcome to participate in the program.
Please send your inquiry about the price.

Summer 2, 2023(Intensive 4-Week Program):

June 29 (arrival) – July 27.
Program Price: $2,100.
Application Deadline: April 17, 2023.

Fall Semester, 2023:

August 30 (arrival) – December 10.
Program Price: $11,985.00.
Application Deadline: April 17, 2023.

(CEHS reserves the right to cancel a program due to under-enrollment. In such a situation, program participants in semester programs will be notified of cancellation a minimum of 4 months in advance of the program start date. For short-term programs, notification will take place a minimum of 45 days in advance of the program start date. In the event of a U.S. State Department warning against travel to Spain, the program may also be cancelled. In both cases, under-enrollment, and a U.S. State Department warning against travel to Spain, the student will be reimbursed for program payments already made.)

Application Materials

Complete and submit the following forms, a PDF copy will be sent to the contact email provided.