As is the case with semester programs at CEHS, we can work with you to design a short term program–usually faculty led–that offers the greatest benefits to your students; or your students can participate in our pre-existing programs. Given our School of Record Agreement with Saint Francis College, Brooklyn, NY, transcripts for all classes taken in the CEHS program would be issued by SFC. The fee for a transcript is $300.00.

Short-term programs at CEHS usually offer–and we recommend–the same features as semester programs: strong academics, homestays with Spanish families (one student per family), an exciting excursion package, and farewell dinner with students, one member of the host family, and program faculty. The dates and duration of short-term, customized, faculty-led programs are determined in consultation with the college or university that establishes its program at the Center.

For our pre-existing summer program, please see below.

Summer Programs
Both summer programs are 28 days in length. Summer I begins toward the latter part of May, and Summer II several days after the conclusion of Summer I. For the dates of the program you are interested in, please consult the section “How do I apply / Application Materials / Program Prices and Dates”

Course Offerings:

  • SPA 2103: Second-Year Spanish I (Prerequisite First-Year Spanish II or placement exam). This class will be cancelled if there are fewer than 5 students enrolled.
  • SPA 2104: Second-Year Spanish II (“Intermediate Spanish II”)
  • SPA 2115: Conversation in Spanish (Prerequisite Intermediate SPA II)
  • SPA 2201: Contemporary Readings of Spain I (Prerequisite Intermediate SPA II)
  • SPA 3402: Spanish Civilization and Culture, in Spanish (Prerequisite SPA 2104 or SPA 2201)
  • SPA 3402: Spanish Civilization and Culture, in English
  • BUS 4050: Global Entrepreneurship, in English
  • All students will live with host families, one student per family.
  • Excursion package: Weekend in Madrid, 5 days/4 nights in Andalucía (Córdoba, Sevilla, Granada), Two one-day excursions (Escorial/Valle de los Caídos; Palacio de la Granja de San Ildefonso y Real Fábrica de Cristales); Many visits within Segovia (Alcázar, Catedral, Roman Aqueduct, walk along the Alameda following the course of the Eresma river and historic city walls, tour of Segovia’s Romanesque art and architecture, tour of Segovia’s Medieval Jewish Quarter [Main Synagogue, Jewish Cemetery, neighborhood).
  • Optional (free of charge) hike in the Guadarrama mountains
  • Ground transportation from Madrid/Barajas airport to Segovia (provided students are at the airport within a specified time frame; if not, student must travel to Segovia on her/his own)
  • Ground transportation from Segovia to Madrid/Barajas airport at the conclusion of the program.
  • Farewell dinner in one of Spain’s best known restaurants (Cándido). In addition to the students and program faculty, one member of each host family is invited.

For program prices, please go to “How do I Apply? / Applications”. The price does not include airfare, which is to be arranged by the student, nor does it include any costs associated with acquiring a passport and/or visa, which is also the responsibility of the student. All students, when signing the program application, are indicating that they possess health insurance that will cover them while abroad.

Customized Interim Session

As with any other short-term customized program, the dates and duration are not fixed by CEHS, nor is the program design, but rather determined and tailored in consultation with the guest institution. (CEHS, however, does offer a three week J-Term or Interim Session program, available to all students, which will be described further along.) Customized Interim programs are often faculty led, and may be anywhere from two to four weeks in length, usually intensive, centered around language study, although they may also be monographic–i.e. focused on a particular topic or theme connected to the program site, such as the following possibilities, just to name a few:

Jews in Spain and Segovia.
Segovia’s Jewish quarter in the Middle Ages was among the largest and most important in Castille. The course would focus on the history of Jews in Spain, examine the coexistence of Jews with Christians and Muslims, culminating in the edict of expulsion of March 31, 1492. The class would incorporate visits to Segovia’s Jewish Quarter, the Main Synagogue, the Didactic Center in the Quarter (former home of Abraham Señor, one of the most influential Jews of the 15th century), and the Jewish Cemetery.

San Juan de la Cruz.
The tomb of San Juan de la Cruz is in the Monastery of the Carmelitas Descalzas in Segovia, which he inspired and helped found in 1586 accompanying Saint Teresa. This course would propose the study of his poetry, and perhaps the work of other Spanish “mystic” poets.

Romanesque art and architecture.
Segovia, along with Zamora, is the city in Spain with the most examples of Romanesque architecture in Spain, and perhaps the world. This course would attempt to illuminate the “spirit” of Romanesque art, consider its origins in France, how it reached Spain, what is unique about Segovia’s Romanesque, and compare/contrast it’s “spirit” and technique with that of the Gothic period. Segovia, home of Spain’s last Gothic cathedral, is perfect for this task.

Spanish art history.
Segovia is one of the best locations imaginable in Spain for a class devoted to a panoramic study of the history of artistic movements and styles over the course of Spanish history. From Spanish pre-history (cave drawings, arte rupestre) in the province, to “verracos” (zoomorphic stone structures) nearby, the Roman Aqueduct, perhaps the best example of Roman engineering anywhere in the world, followed in succession by works of Muslim influence (mudéjar), Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassical, Modernist… all of which are present in Segovia.

Interim Session (J-Term)

  • Interim Session (J-Term) program is a three week Spanish immersion program targeting students 18 years of age or older who want an authentic immersion experience over the course of 21 days. All students will be required to sign a Language Pledge, requiring them to speak Spanish at all times. The class taught in this program is a 3-credit Advanced Spanish class which meets for three hours every day over the course of 15 class days.
  • All students live with host Spanish families, one student per family.
  • Students will enjoy the exciting excursion package in this program. Student participants will spend a weekend in Madrid, visit the Royal Palace and Royal Glass Factory in La Granja de San Ildefonso, and take an optional (but free) hike in the nearby Guadarrama Mountain Ranges.
  • Two afternoons each week of the program students will attend Spanish Conversation practice sessions with a faculty member. Several evenings over the course of the three weeks, the students will share “tapas” and socialize with other group members and one or more faculty members, and you guessed it, in Spanish.