Interested in designing your own program in collaboration with CEHS?

Whether your institution is interested in a semester program, short term program, or both, CEHS will work with you to help custom design a program which satisfies the specific preferences and study abroad goals you set for your students. (The CEHS director or a member of our staff will visit your institution to meet with you to help design and organize the program you have in mind. Subsequent to establishing a program in Segovia with CEHS, the Center director or a representative is also happy to visit the campus to help with recruitment, and later to lend a hand with pre-departure orientation activities.)
Moreover, a travelling program director from the guest institution is always welcome to participate in the program. In a very real sense, the program belongs to the guest college or university that chooses to have its program administered by CEHS, and academic credit would be issued by the guest institution. However, if preferred, students can also receive academic transcripts through CEHS’s School of Record, Saint Francis College, Brooklyn, NY. The fee for a transcript is $300.00.

Or would you prefer to join a pre-existing CEHS program?

This option is ideal for those colleges or universities that may not be able to register enough students to make a program of their own viable. Please look at our semester and short-term options these programs offer rigorous academics (and the option to register for a class at the local university), an exciting group cultural travel package, homestays with local host families (one student per family), the beautiful city of Segovia, and much more. If you think there is a component missing in the experience for your students, we can certainly investigate adding it for your students, or for all the students in the program.

Semester Programs (102 days).

A semester program is ideal for students interested in deepening their training in Spanish language, history, literature, and culture, yet CEHS can also design programs to attract students from a broader array of academic disciplines: Business, Communication, Tourism, Education, IT, etc. Students have access not only to CEHS class offerings but may also select a class from the offerings of the University of Valladolid (UVA), Segovia campus, with which CEHS shares an agreement of collaboration. CEHS classes also take place on the University of Valladolid, Segovia campus.

The pre-existing CEHS spring semester program (view highlights) is a true Spanish immersion program, designed principally for Spanish majors and minors, although in some classes students would receive credit in other disciplines (such as business, art, etc.). In this spring semester program, all CEHS class offerings are in Spanish, as are the offerings at the UVA, Segovia Campus, and the only language class offered in the program, besides the initial two-week intensive Spanish class all students take upon arrival, is an advanced Spanish Conversation class. Students who have not previously taken that class, would take the conversation class and combine it with other upper-division classes, in Spanish. Thanks to our broad array of internship and volunteer opportunities available to CEHS students, most choose to participate in for-credit internships in this program.

The pre-existing CEHS fall semester program (view highlights) can best be described as a hybrid program. Non-heritage speaking American students who have not yet completed Intermediate Spanish in the U.S. may combine an Intermediate level language class with several other course options, some of which are offered in English, and others in Spanish. Spanish heritage speakers and students that have completed their Spanish language classes may register for classes taught exclusively in Spanish.

Program faculty is local and composed mainly of local university faculty with PhD’s and/or accomplished professionals in the fields in which they teach. CEHS Program faculty has ample experience teaching students from American colleges and universities, and our classes adhere to the U.S. grading system.