Whether your institution is interested in a semester programs or short term programs , CEHS will work to help design a program which satisfies the specific preferences and study abroad goals you have set for your students. (The director of CEHS will visit your institution to meet with you to help design and organize the program you have in mind. The Center director also visits the campus to help with recruitment, and later to lend a hand with orientation.) A travelling program director from the guest institution is always welcome to participate in the program. In a very real sense, the program belongs to the guest college or university that chooses to have its program administered by CEHS, and academic credit would be issued by the guest institution.

CEHS, however, through its School of Record Agreement with Saint Francis College, Brooklyn, NY, can also grant credit for the classes offered in its programs. The fee for a transcript is $300.00.

Semester Program (103 days).

A semester program is ideal for students interested in deepening their training in Spanish language, history, literature and culture, yet CEHS can also design programs to attract students from a broader array of academic disciplines. Although most programs are designed to be taught in Spanish, if there is a preference for a class to be taught in English, or there is the desire to expose students with lower levels of language proficiency to study abroad, a hybrid program can be designed: that is, lower level Spanish language classes combined with upper-level content classes that may be taught in English.

Program faculty is local, and all have impeccable qualifications in the fields in which they teach. The Center welcomes universities that wish to have one of their own faculty members on site to teach one class, and to help supervise the program’s activities.

Our Classic fall semester program, and its highlights.

This program is designed for Spanish majors and minors, but credit can also be earned in other academic areas.

  • Homestays with host Spanish families, one student per family. Students receive their three meals per day, have their laundry done at least once a week, WIFI in the homes, and they are treated like a son or daughter, all of course while speaking Spanish.
  • Big excursion package. Three long excursions: 5 days/4 nights in Andalucía ; 4 days/3 nights in Barcelona; 2 days/1 night in Madrid; 4 one-day excursions (Toledo, Ávila/Salamanca, El Escorial/Valle de los Caídos, Palacio de la Granja y Royal Glass Factory). Everything related to the formal program excursions are included in the program price: all entrance fees, hotel stays, transportation, all meals. Students are provided a generous allowance for their independent meals on excursions. We also offer (free of charge) an optional hiking outing in the nearby Guadarrama Mountain Range.
  • Airport transfers (to and from).
  • Visits in Segovia. The Alcázar; Cathedral; Tour of the Roman Aqueduct; Tour of Segovia’s Romanesque architecture; Tour of the Medieval Jewish Quarter; Walk along the Alameda; Visit to the Monastery El Parral; Optional hike in the mountains, and several more.
  • 8 classes offered:
    1. Spanish Conversation and Composition
    2. Literatura Clásica (Literature of the Spanish Golden Age)
    3. Contemporary Literature (Intro to Lit)
    4. Modern Spain: An Ethical Look. This class proposes a sustained reflection on some of Spain’s greatest contemporary challenges (Historical Memory, Immigration, Relationship of Church and State, Nationalism, and Terrorism) via an examination of Spanish history.
    5. Spanish History and Art
    6. Ibero-American History
    7. Photography (Theory and Practice)
    8. International Marketing and Management

As you can see, several of these classes can be cross-listed with other departments. For Modern Spain, students often receive credit in Political Science or Spanish. In Spanish history and art, credit in Spanish or art. In Photography, credit is received in art, and finally and most obviously, in the Marketing and Management class students receive business credit.

  • Students may take one class at the University of Valladolid, Segovia campus. The course offerings are especially strong in Business and Communications. CEHS has an agreement of collaboration with the UVA, Segovia campus.
  • We offer a broad and growing array of internships for students in most majors.
  • Tutoring sessions. 4 Individual, 45-minute Spanish tutoring sessions available to all students the first month of the program.
  • Conversation and question groups. Bi-weekly Spanish conversation groups meet to discuss different topics, and/or specific questions related to Spanish grammar, expressions, etc.
  • Thanksgiving celebration, with Turkey at el Restaurante José.
  • Farewell dinner at Restaurante Cándido. All students, one member of each host family, and program faculty are invited.
  • Culture pack: Each student is given 120 euros which are to be used to attend a minimum of 3 cultural events. We instituted this extra a couple of years ago after noting that many students choose not to attend more expensive cultural events because of the cost. So, by providing the money, we can assure ourselves that in addition to everything they do as part of the program, they can also attend 3 cultural events of their own choosing. Students typically try to see a Real Madrid soccer match, a play or two either in Segovia or Madrid, the opera, a concert, etc.
  • Travel subsidy. We give each student 150 euros to use to partially subsidize their fall break travel. Students usually travel in Europe over the course of the 8 or nine days they enjoy in the fall. The money is usually sufficient to at least pay either for their airfare or hostal stays, given the much lower prices for travel in Europe.
  • Program faculty. CEHS faculty is first rate. In this program the program faculty is composed of university professors, all of whom hold a Ph.D., and a recognized writer.
  • All-inclusive nature of the program. All meals, program transportation costs, hotels, entrance fees, airport transfers, and all program elements outlined above are offered at no additional cost. The only additional expenses students have are ones of a personal nature, and of course the cost of round-trip airfare to Spain, visa application costs, and the cost of books for the program.