CEHS semester programs and Summer 1 integrate exciting excursion packages into the program. Organized group travel is the perfect complement for an immersion experience in Spanish language and culture, and program travel is included at no additional cost to the student. Summer program 2 does not include a program travel package, thereby allowing students to travel independently on weekends (one of which is three days in length), or CEHS can help students organize optional excursions at an additional cost if there is sufficient interest among Summer 2 program participants.

The travel package for CEHS semester programs includes 4 days / 3 nights in in Asturias (Covadonga, Oviedo) and Galicia (Santiago de Compostela, La Coruña), 5 days/4 nights in Andalucía (Córdoba, Sevilla, Granada), 2 days trip to Madrid, and 4 one-day excursions (Toledo, Ávila/Salamanca, Escorial/Valle de los Caídos, Palacio Real de la Granja/Real Fábrica de Cristales de la Granja), in addition to many local visits within Segovia, and an optional hiking trip in the Guadarrama Mountains.

CEHS Summer 1 and J-Term (intersession) also include exciting excursion packages. Summer 1 includes a weekend in Madrid, 5 days/4 nights in Andalucía (Córdoba, Sevilla, Granada), and 2 one-day excursions which vary from year to year, but may include any of the following options (Toledo, Ávila/Salamanca, Escorial/Valle de los Caídos, Palacio Real de la Granja/Real Fábrica de Cristales, Route of the Castles, etc.). The definitive decision on one-day excursions for Summer 1 is made in late February-early March, approximately three months before the program start date. J-Term (intersession) too offers an exciting excursion package. Student participants in this intensive three-week program will spend a weekend in Madrid, visit the Royal Palace and Royal Glass Factory in La Granja de San Ildefonso, and take an optional (but free) hike in the nearby Guadarrama mountains. This program also offers twice weekly evening tapas tasting tours in Segovia.