CEHS Online Classes

Online classes with CEHS.More facilities to improve your experience.

Each class is worth 3 credits (45 class hours) and are offered over the course of Winter Interim session (3 weeks, between fall and spring semesters), fall and spring semesters (12-14 weeks), and May term (4 weeks). All classes are delivered in Spanish.

$1,100. There must be a minimum of 3 students to open a class. Maximum class size is 6 students.

Spanish Language

  • SPA 1101: Beginner’s Spanish
  • SPA 1102: Upper Beginning Spanish
  • SPA 1105: Spanish for Bilingual students (Heritage speakers)
  • SPA 1119: Spanish for Business 1
  • SPA 1120: Spanish for Business 2
  • SPA 1129: Spanish for Health Professionals 1
  • SPA 1130: Spanish for Health Professionals 2
  • SPA 2103: Lower Intermediate Spanish
  • SPA 2104: Upper Intermediate Spanish
  • SPA 2115: Conversation in Spanish
  • SPA 4308: Advanced Spanish Conversation

All language classes (SPA 1101 through SPA 2115, and SPA 4308) are live virtual sessions.

Content Classes

  • SPA 2201: Contemporary Readings of Spain and Latin America 1
  • SPA 3302: Contemporary Spanish Literature: 1898 – Present
  • SPA 3402: Spanish Civilization and Culture
  • SPA 4407: Miguel de Cervantes
  • SPA 4995: Independent Study in Spanish. This is a custom-designed literature class which is based on students’ interest (geographic, genre, period).

Format for content classes (literature, culture, history, etc.):
30 hours of synchronous online classes (live virtual delivery) and 15 hours of asynchronous online classes (Delivery of learning materials and assignments via LMS platform)

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