Housing and Meal


The overwhelming majority of program participants choose to live with host Spanish families, one student per family. This is the option we recommend because it is the most advantageous for practicing Spanish and having a more authentic study abroad experience. If a student prefers a homestay with a friend in the program, both must make the request indicating that they would like to live with the same family. Students will be provided their meals (three meals a day, seven days per week) when in their Spanish home. Families have been chosen with great care, and almost all the families work with us from program to program. Family stays are supervised closely, and if a student is ever unhappy with the family situation, for whatever reason, he/she is moved immediately. That said, students are rarely unhappy with their families, and many students develop lasting friendships with their Spanish hosts.

Other housing and meal arrangements

Residence Hall space is often available, as are hostal stays or rental apartments. These arrangements alter the program cost for the student, and requests for such arrangements must be made well in advance. The fulfillment of such requests is dependent on availability, and is not guaranteed.


All meals (three per day) during program travel are included in our program prices.