CEHS has been providing study abroad opportunities to students from American colleges and universities since 2001. We offer customized programs for guest colleges and universities, but also welcome students from other American educational institutions.

Whether you are interested in a short term or semester program, all programs at CEHS are affordable and offer the highest quality in academics, homestays with Spanish families, one student per family (we can, however, accommodate some students interested in different housing arrangements), and the kind of supervision and oversight that guarantee a rewarding and memorable experience for the students.

Despite the similarities noted above, the programs are differentiated, Fall different than Spring, and Summers 2 different than Summer 1. This allows students the opportunity to select the program best suited to their needs. The majority of our students in semester programs, and some in short-term programs also participate in any one of the myriad for-credit internships (see your academic advisor) and volunteer opportunities we have available for our students.

CEHS staff is here to help students along the way. Classes are taught primarily by faculty with PhDs in the areas in which they teach, and with ample experience teaching American students.

About Us -CEHS

In keeping with the goals of a liberal education, CEHS promotes an intellectual environment in which students are able to explore the human condition. Students are exposed to unique opportunities to examine the fundamental, recurring questions about themselves and the world. Relevance, ethics, and tolerance are questions which we try earnestly to place at the heart of academics, and in this way, help integrate academics, life, and values.

In the interest of running programs of high quality, and to preserve the rigor of our academic programs and contribute to student success, we limit the size of our programs and classes.

To advance Spanish language proficiency, in addition to the homestays with Spanish families, in semester programs we provide intensive Spanish language instruction over the programs’ first two weeks, and language exchanges or partnerships with Spanish university students, and finally Informal group conversation sessions led by a faculty member. Moreover, students have the option to take a class at the University of Valladolid, Segovia campus (CEHS has an agreement of collaboration with the UVA, Segovia campus.).

CEHS classes are based on an American university curriculum, as well as the American grading system for class evaluations. Our faculty has experience teaching American university students.

Finally, our programs are an enormous value for the price (Please take a look at program prices in the section entitled, “How do I Apply?“). Our prices are more than competitive, especially when considering the all-inclusive nature of the programs. We say all-inclusive because once here, and except for independent student travel, all formal program activities (all meals, hotels, entrance fees, transportation, airport transfers, tutoring, homestays, big excursion package, farewell dinner, etc.) are included in the per-student program price. We even subsidize what we call a “culture pack,” so that students can go to at least three somewhat more costly cultural events of their choosing, on their own or with other group members.